Clean Boats Clean Waters 2015

The CBCW program for 2015 was completed in September 2015. Boat inspections were conducted at 10 area boat launch ramps. Approximately 3600 hours of inspection time was logged in for this third year of inspections. We will apply for a similar size grant for 2016. Thank you to all those area Lake association that contributed matching funds for this successful effort.

Minong Flowage Dam Repair

The draw down of water from the Minong Flowage began in April 2013. It is expected that draw down will be approximately 5 feet, Repairs to the dam began in May. The work is expected to be completed in Fall and water levels are planned to be back to normal by the time ice forms at the end of the year. A Minong Flowage assessment Board has been created with Dawn Pearce as President. This board will be responsible for establishing assessments to the residents with riparian rights on the Minong and Cranberry Flowages.