The Minong Town Lakes Committee is a nonprofit volunteer organization established to help guide the Town of Minong on matters related to protecting and managing the town’s most valuable resources. We are supported entirely through volunteer efforts and financed by ¬†contributions, by grants and sponsorship by the Town of Minong. If you would like to support these unique efforts to protect the value of our lakes through contributions of time or money, please contact a committee member.

Committee Activities


CBCW grant program for boat landing monitoring continued at 8 area lakes with 200 additional hours


CBCW grant program for boat landing monitoring continued at 8 area lakes
Summer Education series, held in the Minong Town Hall at 9:00 AM:
July 21: Gary Dunsmoor “Bringing Wildlife to your Shoreline”
July 28: Lisa Burns and Milly Thissen “What’s going on with Zebra Mussels in the County?”
August 4: Benjamin Garrett “How to protect your cabin/home from outside fire hazards”
August 11: John Haack “Wild Rice”


CBCW grant program for boat landing monitoring continued at 8 area lakes
Added Zebra Mussel information distribution
Finalized reports on Aquatic Plant Surveys


Co-sponsored “Learn about your Lakes” to educate town residents
Obtained a grant to continue the CBCW program for its fourth year
Received a grant to do Aquatic plant surveys on Big Sand, Big Bass, Pokegama, and Kimball Lakes


Expanded CBCW program with over 3000 hours of inspections
Grant application for aquatic plant surveys on five town lakes


CBCW started on May 3 at 10 boat ramp sites
Minong Town Lakes Fair held July 26, 2014
Newsletter distributed to to all Minong Town residents


Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW) Program up and running with inspections at eight area lakes, 2493 boats inspected
MTLC Newsletter Distributed to 1000 area residents
Website created 2013


Educational Presentations of 2011 Aquatic Plant Survey Data
Grant Application for Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW) Inspection Program


Lake Aquatic Plant Surveys for Sand, Big Bass, Pokegama, North Twin, and Kimball
Second Educational Lakes Fair


Sponsored Pontoon Boat Educational Field Trip
Launch Ramp Improvements including New Piers and Signage


Sponsored Educational Lakes Fair
800+ residents attend


Established the Committee
Created Charter and By-Laws
Obtained Recognition as a Ad Hoc Committee to the Town Board

Organizational Financial Contributors – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Grants, Town of Minong, Gilmore Lake Association, Horseshoe Lake Association, Nancy Lake Protection Organization, and Kimball Lake Association.